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Cyber Crime is one of the leading causes of business loss in the United States today.  Did you know that the average settlement for a data breach is nearly $300,000?  If you take credit card or other personal information at your place of business, you are at risk of having that data compromised.  If such an event were to occur and you did not have insurance for Cyber Liability and Data Breach, you could be paying out of your own pocket to restore your customers identities...not to mention the harm to your business reputation.  Do not let Cyber Crime make you a victim.  Call us today to protect your livelihood and reputation.  Our team of insurance experts is ready to help you put together an insurance plan to combat the fallout of a Cyber Crime.

Who needs Cyber Liability and Data Breach insurance coverage?:

-Anybody who accepts credit card payments

-Any business who uses a public Wi-Fi network

-People who handle other's personal information

-Those who work from a home computer

-Anybody who gets work e-mail or conducts business on a mobile phone


Most Cyber Crimes are committed by people who are not in the United States and, thus, prosecution is rarely an option.  Once your personal or business data has been breached, your best course of action is to notify anybody whose information was potentially exposed and, if you have Cyber Liability and Data Breach insurance coverage, call your insurance agent.

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